Silicon Sky - Virtual Data Centre

Silicon Sky Offers a Virtual Data Centre Service that is a virtual resource pool consisting of CPU, RAM, Storage and network. You can choose the amount of resources you require for your Virtual Data Centre and scale up or down when needed. We can extend or create your own private network for your Virtual Data Centre while choosing from multiple firewall options. Included in your Virtual Data Centre will be unlimited Internet Bandwidth and a Shared Firewall service.

SiliconSky Small Server: 1 vCPU, 2GB vRAM, 50GB vStorage, plus Windows Server 2019 R2
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Either choose from a pre-defined server as advertised, alternately, a server can be set up with your own speciaifications. For more information, please email:

A cloud server is a cost effective way to deploy and operate a server for any purpose. The service boasts no setup costs, complete flexibility to scale up and down in capacity as your business changes. There is no need for expensive IT equipment and resources. Silicon Sky provides a managed high end compute and storage infrastructure for you to leverage for your business applications in a cost effective manner.  
Cloud servers boast the following features: 
  Built on industry leading technologies, providing server, storage and network infrastructure.
  Built on VMware vSphere hypervisor software  
  Powerful Intel Xeon Platinum 8260 processors  
  Scale from 1GB to 1TB of RAM 
  Scale from 10GB to 2TB of storage 
  Scale from 1vCPU to 24 vCPU’s 
  RAID protected 
  Quick deployment 
  Cloud servers are secured through physical firewalls 
  24x7 monitoring & support 
  Hosted in South Africa’s premium data centres 
  Month by month contracts 
  Cloud Server backup is optional 
  Windows and Linux management options. 
Operating Systems: 
A wide range of both Microsoft and Linux operating systems are supported on the cloud server platform. We have a number of pre-packaged images available to get your Cloud Server up and running in minutes.  

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